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Our bikes are top-of-the-line, tuned to perfection, and specially fit for you.

The world's best bike tours require top-of-the-line bicycles. Our bikes have light frames, smooth-rolling tires, comfortable seats, and wide gear ranges for the best ride possible.

Picking The Right Bike: Road, Hybrid or Mountain: Which Bike is Right For Me?

The most important thing about any DuVine trip is getting to know the amazing benefits of travel by bike. Pedaling through the countryside, you’ll be intimately connected to the landscape, your senses fully engaged in the experience. The sights, sounds, and smells of the environment, the unique and delectable taste of local specialties, and interactions with local people lead to true understanding and full-bodied memories that last a lifetime. But none of that would be possible without the perfect bike. No matter which DuVine trip you are on, the right bike for you is always included. From comfortable hybrids that let you enjoy the world at your own pace to high performance, carbon road bikes designed to go wherever you want as fast as you want to, we have the bikes to connect you with the amazing world around you like no other means of travel can. No windshields. No tour buses. Just you and the open road.


Road bike Hybrid Bike
Road Bike Hybrid Bike Mountain Bike


Synapse 6 Tiagra Synapse 6 Tiagra Cannondale Road
Synapse Carbon 3 Ultegra Synapse Carbon 3 Ultegra Cannondale Road Bike
SuperSix SuperSix Cannondale Road
Adventure Hybrid Adventure Hybrid Cannondale Hybrid
Aggressor 3.0 Aggressor 3.0 GT Mountain
Allez Sport Compact Allez Sport Compact Specialized Road
Aqua Aqua Orbea Road
ATX -7 ATX -7 Giant Mountain
Blitz Comfort Blitz Comfort Blitz Hybrid
CAAD 10 3 Ultegra CAAD 10 3 Ultegra Cannondale Road
CAAD 8 CAAD 8 Cannondale Road
Carpe Carpe Orbea Hybrid
Crono Comp Men's Crono Comp Men's Pells Mountain
Crono Comp Woman Crono Comp Woman Pell's Mountain