2018 Spinlist: Indoor Cycling Songs to Motivate Your Workout

We’ve compiled the best indoor cycling songs of the year from top-notch spin instructors as well as DuVine’s own guides and guests. Whether you’re trying out a stationary ride for the first time or training for one of our bicycle tours this spring, these songs will keep you motivated and have you dancing on the bike. Plug in your headphones, hop on the saddle, and get pedaling! Take our music with you by saving the DuVine 2018 Spinlist on Spotify, or search for “duvinecycling” in the Spotify app.

Dalia Aliphas 

Instructor, Triathlete + DuVine Guest | Velocity Studio, Mexico City

Dalia’s next cycling adventure: Napa Valley


Jackie Dragone

Instructor + Health Coach | THELAB

Jackie’s next cycling adventure: Ecuador + Galápagos


Dennis Morton

Instructor | Peloton, New York City

Dennis’ next cycling adventure: Mallorca


Lydia Ermilio

Instructor + Studio Director | Cyc Fitness Back Bay, Boston

Lydia’s next cycling adventure: Cinque Terre


Pinij NaLampoon

Instructor | Soul Cycle, Houston

Pinij’s next cycling adventure: Greece


Ridge Davis

Instructor | The Wall, Los Angeles

Ridge’s next cycling adventure: Bordeaux


Dimitri Zgonis

DuVine Guide + Musician | DuVine Cycling + Adventure Co.

Dimitri’s next cycling adventure: Swiss Alps


  • Do It Like You Do – Lettuce
    Best modern funk band around. This fun, up-tempo song will get you dancing in the saddle.
  • Given to Fly – Pearl Jam
    This song makes me feel like a spiritual road warrior. Ideal for interval training.
  • Hey Pocky Way – The Neville Brothers
    Quintessential funk with an interesting call and response element. Spin out your legs!
  • Agolo – Angelique Kidjo
    Lay it down on the flats with this worldly, positive jam.
  • Everyday People – Sly & the Family Stone
    Use to kick off your workout and start rockin’! Great message of equality and acceptance.

Natasha Whitby

Instructor + Manager | The Handle Bar South Boston, Boston

Natasha’s next cycling adventure: Croatia


  • Elastic Heart (Kevin Easy Remix) – Sia
    Passionate closer with a high cadence for sprints.
  • Gucci Gang (NAMTO & BENS Afro Remix) – Lil Pump
    Fun remix to open with after a warm-up. Gets riders amped-up for the rest of class.
  • Tip Toe (AM I MDED Remix) – Jason Derulo
    Dance and play with this song to get your mind off the workout and have fun!
  • Humble (Audiation Remix) – Kendrick Lamar 
    This song always gets people going! Use anywhere in the workout.
  • Rumble – Garmiani
    One of my favorite songs to sprint to. The build to the beat drop is incredible.

Carl Morley

Instructor | Wheel House, San Francisco

Carl’s next cycling adventure: Dolomites


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