Your Bike Tour Experience


Can I bring my own bike?

As fellow cycling enthusiasts we understand the comfort you may find in riding with your own gear, but things can get a bit challenging when it comes to traveling with your bike.

Do I need to be an avid cyclist to enjoy a bike tour?

Absolutely not. From beginners to everyday riders, this is your vacation and it happens at your pace.

Do you offer GPS maps on tour?

DuVine is proud to include digital route maps available for use during all of our bike tours. Click to learn more.

How should I train for my bike tour?

We recommend following a few general training rules in the weeks leading up to your trip. Click to learn more.

Will I have to carry my own luggage?

Service is top priority at DuVine so you will never have to worry about your bags while on tour.

Does DuVine offer self-guided bike tours?

Self-guided tours are available by request in certain destinations. However, guided tours are our specialty.

Is airfare included in the price of a bike tour?

While airfare is not included, our concierge team can help you with all the details.

How can you accommodate varying abilities and interests?

Our itineraries are built for diverse guests with diverse interests and cycling abilities.

Should I purchase travel protection for my bike tour?

Protect your investment. DuVine strongly recommends purchasing Travel Insurance and we will offer it with all bike tour reservations.

What is a Single Supplement?

A Single Supplement is an additional charge that secures hotel rooms for guests traveling alone.

How can I access my money while on a bike tour?

Frankly, travelers checks are a pain. The good news is you have options.

Can DuVine provide me with references from past DuVine guests?

We would be happy to put you in touch with past travelers.

How do you accommodate children on bike tours?

We encourage all families with children under the age of 17 to select a Family Tour date.

Will I need a passport and visa for my cycling trip?

A passport is required for travel, but a visa may not be necessary.

What type of pre- and post-trip services are provided?

DuVine is the only major bike tour company with concierge pre- and post-trip planning and support.

When should I book my trip and how can I reserve my space?

The further in advance you book, the greater availability of dates you'll find.

What kinds of bikes and equipment are provided on my bicycle tour?

With inclusions like these you'll be ready for an unforgettable week of cycling.

What is the terrain like on the DuVine bike trips?

Main roads are not in our vocabulary! We prefer scenic vistas and route variety.

Road, Hybrid, Mountain, or E-wheel/E-bike: Which bicycle style is right for me?

Make the most of your bike tour, with the right bike for you.

How many people can I expect to be on my bike tour?

A guest to guide ratio of 7 to 1 allows our you to receive personalized service and not get lost in a crowd.

How can I get my DuVine cycling gear?

DuVine's online gear store makes it easier than ever.

What makes DuVine different?

No detail is too small, no surprise too extraordinary, no nuance too subtle.

How much do people typically tip the guides?

Use your discretion and tip according to the caliber of service you receive.

What should I pack?

Traveling light is the key. Your travel guide will include a packing checklist.

How do I know what cycling tour level is right for me?

This is your cycling tour, and it happens at your pace.

What is included in the price for my DuVine bike tour?

World-class hotels, top-of-the-line bicycles, and wine with meals are only the start.