Giving During COVID-19

Food insecurity soared throughout the pandemic. Schools and their lunch programs closed, unemployment reached record highs, and stay-at-home orders changed how people accessed food. Some 42 million people experienced hunger during COVID-19.

Food is such an integral part of the DuVine experience. Thanks to a generous donor and friend of DuVine, we succeeded in turning a desire to travel into a way to support those most in need. With donations made on behalf of guest bookings, we are pleased to announce that we contributed a gift in excess of $50,000 to Feeding America.

If you wish to continue supporting this essential cause, we invite you to make an additional contribution to Feeding America.

Climbing the Mountain of Change

DuVine’s mission is for everyone to experience the feeling of freedom that comes with riding a bike. We’ve seen firsthand how bike travel can dismantle the barriers between cultures. But in the United States—our own backyard—it’s painfully clear that these fundamental freedoms are not readily available to all, and barriers remain very much in place.

Our company is positioned at the intersection of cycling and travel: two industries that have struggled with lack of access. We have miles to go towards improving our sport and our space. In July 2020, we began to cover this ground by riding in support of Outdoor Afro, an organization that ensures Black Americans can safely access, enjoy, thrive, and heal in nature—on bicycles and in countless other capacities.⁠

We are proud to report that our guides, staff, and community rode over 19,000 total miles, climbed 1 million+ feet, and met a $15,000 fundraising goal benefitting Outdoor Afro. We invite you to learn more about Outdoor Afro or make an additional donation.

Charitable Giving

Our company is founded on a culture that instills the values of giving back. Our founder Andy Levine rides over 1,000 charitable miles annually to champion the causes closest to DuVine: ending child poverty and hunger, shedding light on bike and cycling advocacy, and raising funds for life-saving cancer research and healthcare. As a small business, DuVine is also passionate about meeting needs within our community, including local arts organizations, charity events, and community sustainability. Please contact us with inquiries about philanthropic opportunities for our company, staff, or travelers.

We are proud to support the following organizations: