Sustainable Travel

DuVine is committed to a social impact philosophy that brings tourism income into small communities and lesser-known regions. Our tours stimulate local economies by visiting independent artisans, dining at family-owned restaurants, employing local guides, and partnering with small businesses for activities that uphold the unique heritage of each destination. We strive to invest the majority of our tour costs in local businesses.

We also believe bike travel should leave little behind. Even with our support van, a DuVine bike tour is a lower-impact alternative to other modes of group travel. On our tours, we take small measures to be greener—like eliminating single-use plastic water bottles, replacing paper maps with GPS where available, returning your pedals in cloth bags, and offering snacks in reusable containers rather than disposable plastic.

Charitable Giving

Our company is founded on a culture that instills the values of giving back. Our founder Andy Levine rides over 1,000 charitable miles annually to champion the causes closest to DuVine: ending child poverty and hunger, shedding light on bike and cycling advocacy, and raising funds for life-saving cancer research and healthcare. As a small business, DuVine is also passionate about meeting needs within our community, including local arts organizations, charity events, and community sustainability. Please contact us with inquiries about philanthropic opportunities for our company, staff, or travelers.

We are proud to support the following organizations: