Thailand Bike Tours

Cycling in Thailand is an escape. As you bike out of Chiang Mai, the bustle falls away in favor of a riding rhythm that harmonizes with roaring waterfalls, whispering parklands, and agriculture’s steady hum—from tea plantations to pineapple processing. Temples called wat offer a spectacular sanctuary. Enclaves of outdoor cafés and communities formed around floating markets are tucked in the Thai countryside, where there’s plenty of room to roam (and a handful of hills to climb).

The province of Chiang Rai reveals a flair for the dramatic: the mighty Mekong river charges assertively between forested banks, the Night Market lures hungry visitors into a glowing bazaar, and great fanfare surrounds the Golden Triangle where Thailand, Laos, and Myanmar meet.  Wherever you are, fresh-yet-hearty Thai cuisine is the common denominator—whether it’s spiked with chilies, lemongrass, and lime lives or stuffed with garlic and herbs.


Curry noodle soup called khao soi, pickled vegetables, aromatic beef and chicken, sticky rice, nám prík (a chili dip), and essential herbs like turmeric, galangal, and fragrant Thai basil


Thailand’s top beers include Singha, Leo, and Chang; Thai iced tea with condensed milk called cha yen, and cha manao (a refreshing lime tea)

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