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Corsica is a mountainous Mediterranean island unusual in its duality. Poised between Italy and France, Corsican culture retains a unique identity reminiscent of both countries. Landscapes alternate from soft, sandy beaches to lush forests and craggy granite formations called les Calanches—resulting in the car-free playground of varying terrain that’s paradise to cyclists. On l’Île de Beauté, even the cuisine is juxtaposed, a delicious balance between land and sea.


Wild boar, local cured meats, goat’s and sheep’s milk cheeses, chestnuts, and fresh seafood


Patrimonio and Sciacarello Corsican wines; Mattei’s famous Cap Corse aperitif

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    L'Île de Beauté: All is Color and All is Light
    Duration: 6 daysLevel: 3Price From: $5,895Dates: Travel dates not yet available. Contact us for details.
    Travel dates not yet available. Contact us for details.

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