Dordogne Bike Tours

With its Roman ruins, Cro-Magnon cave paintings, and prehistoric grottoes, Dordogne is the cradle of European civilization in southwestern France. The Dordogne River is the guiding line through this land of forests, rivers, and deeply carved gorges that rise from the riverbanks. In the saddle, mount steep cliffs sided by green hills. Off the bike, there are enigmatic pilgrimage sites, medieval villages, and a river valley that lends itself perfectly to serene kayaking excursions.


Foie gras, Périgord truffles, wild cèpe mushrooms, walnuts, Rocamadour cheese, and game like duck and Toulouse goose


Dark, full-bodied reds and fruity, dry whites of the Bergerac region; sweet dessert wines from Monbazillac

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