Pyrenees Bike Tours

From its Mediterranean edge to the wild Atlantic, the Pyrenees are characterized by castles, caves, and roads that undulate like melting caramel. Those who have conquered them include a long line of adventurous spirits, from Hemingway to the heralded campaigns of Charlemagne and the humble treks of medieval pilgrims. Emerald grass carpets rugged peaks, flocks of sheep amble in meadows, and layers of landscape unfurl through the mist. The range lures riders from all corners of the earth to conquer cols like Tourmalet, Aubisque, and Aspin—each one a breadcrumb on the line between France and Spain.


Nourishing and satisfying Pyrenean fare to fuel our epic rides, including Roquefort and Rocamadour cheeses, rustic pain de campagne, Piment d’Espelette, and Spanish ham


Fine French wines from Bordeaux to Cahors, chestnut liqueur, and mountain varietals like Madiran, Irouléguy, and Jurançon

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