Sardinia Bike Tours

Fans of Mallorca and Corsica will find the cycling in Sardinia comparably delightful: road quality is remarkable, routes are hilly, twisty, and steep, and traffic is utterly absent—particularly in the interior. Here, it’s all shepherds tending their flock, farms and vineyards, and forested mountains. In appealing enclaves like Orgosolo, with its murals that tell the town’s history, locals stream out of churches or linger at outdoor tables, sipping a mid-day macchiato in the sunshine.

But Sardinia is—after all—an island in the Mediterranean, and the coast is predictably pretty. The chic Costa Smeralda’s resort-quality beaches offer snowy sand, luminous water, and glamorous hotels; an Italian Côte d’Azur, if you will. Still, from its seaboard to its very heart, you’ll find Sardinia unanimously independent—a fierce guardian of rich, old-world tradition.


Fresh seafood, porceddu (whole-roasted pork), a comforting cheese-and-bread dish called Zuppa Gallurese, culurgiones (mint and potato ravioli), lamb with artichokes, and seada, a sheep’s cheese-pastry covered in honey


Intense, full-bodied Cannonau for red wine lovers and a variety of whites—from crisp Vermentinos produced in Gallura to the rich Malvasias of Bosa and lighter Vernaccias

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