Algarve Bike Tours

Spanning Portugal’s southern end, the Algarve is connected to Spain by the Guadiana River and the proud custodian of its gateway to the Atlantic Ocean. Suffice it to say this region is beachy, beloved for its sandy shores, spectacular surfing, colorful fishing towns, and isolated coves. In the Algarve, beach culture is practically a sport, and bicycling is but a warm-up for the main events: oyster shucking and beach club-hopping.

But it’s not all sea air and schooners. The modern-day market towns of the Algarve were hotly contested through the centuries—passing hands from Phoenicians to Romans to Moors—and the Algarve’s Roman bridges, medieval ramparts, and ruined mosaics whisper of the region’s history.




Seafood cataplana, local fish grilled with a pinch of salt, red-wine stewed octopus from Santa Luzia, fresh oysters from Ria Formosa, and black pork raised in the Algarve’s cork forests


Medronho liqueur from wild arbutus fruit, local craft and national beers, crisp white wines made from Verdelho, and fruit-forward reds made from Aragonez and Alicante Bouschet

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