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Slovenia Bike Tour

Unexpected Europe: Vineyards and Alpine Riding at the Crossroads of Italy

6 days / 5 nights Level: 3Price From: $4,795Collection: Classic

Tour Highlights

  • Effortlessly move between the borders of Slovenia and Italy, immersed in the enchanting beauty of the Slovenian Alps
  • Retrace the history of both World Wars, riding through regions that offered refuge to the Resistance in World War II and exploring bunkers that remain from World War I
  • Develop an intimate understanding of the wine grown between Italy and Slovenia at winery visits and tastings with local sommeliers and acclaimed winemakers
  • Spend an evening at our friend Simona’s family farmhouse and share in a homegrown feast of local, seasonal flavors


A combination of Austrian, Hungarian, Mediterranean, and Balkan cuisines: local sausages, prosciutto, mountain cheeses, pumpkin seed oil, žlikrofi (potato ravioli), and prekmurska gibanica (layer cake)


Rebula and Refosco wines from Brda, Vipava Valley Pinot Noir, craft beer, and schnapps after a hearty meal

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  • Day 1

    Welcome to Slovenia

    Meet your guides in the capital city of Ljubljana for a transfer into the otherworldly Slovenian Alps. It’s hard to imagine, but this lovely landscape of still pastures and alpine villages was once a refuge for Resistance fighters during World War II. Consider the region’s duality as we ride to a classic Slovenian restaurant where locals order the traditional potato ravioli known as žlikrofi—and a glass of wine, of course. Finish lunch and check in at our first refined hotel in the riverside village of Spodnja Idrija. Dinner is right on the property, and it’s a perfect first introduction to the handmade style of Slovenian cuisine.

    Meals: Lunch / Dinner
    Destinations: Leskovika, Hotavlje, Spodnja Idrija
    Accomplished: 24 miles / 39 km, elevation gain: 1,764 feet / 537 meters
    Longer Option: 27 miles / 43 km, elevation gain: 2,493 feet / 760 meters
    Accommodations: Kendov Dvorec

  • Day 2

    Crossing Carniola

    Today we ride across the ancient Duchy of Carniola—as the heartland of modern Slovenia was once known. Begin from the meadows of Idrija and pass through scenery that’s so idyllic it could be the setting for a Slovenian fairytale. We’ll descend to the banks of the Vipava River and meet our friend Matej for lunch; the climate takes a surprising turn towards the Mediterranean, and as a result, Vipava’s architecture is more terra cotta than timber. After lunch, check into our dreamy forest hotel perched above the clustered village of Vrhpolje, offering views of the valley below. This evening our local friend invites us for an intimate dinner at home.

    Meals: Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner
    Destinations: Dole, Vipava, Štanjel
    Accomplished: 32 miles / 51 km, elevation gain: 3,638 feet / 1,109 meters
    Longer Option: 25 miles / 41 km, elevation gain: 1,968 feet / 600 meters
    Accommodations: Theodosius

  • Day 3

    Flavors of the Vipava Valley

    Set off for a food-focused exploration of the Karst, a limestone plateau that defines the border between Italy and Slovenia—and a region recognized for protected products like red wine and cured ham. We’ll ride into the Vipava Valley where locals turned their attention to winemaking after the breakup of Yugoslavia in the 1990s. The results are surprisingly good: taste some Pinot Noirs for yourself at lunch with a producer. Our culinary-centric day continues with dinner at a family-run restaurant that serves only what it produces onsite, including some of the best Karst prosciutto.

    Meals: Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner
    Destinations: Šmarje, Branik, Komen
    Accomplished: 30 miles / 50 km, elevation gain: 2,558 feet / 780 meters
    Shorter Option: 22 miles / 35 km, elevation gain: 1,893 feet / 577 meters
    Accommodations: Theodosius

  • Day 4

    Echoes of the Great War

    Begin the day riding through an area that saw some of the most intense fighting of World War I. Between 1915 and 1917, Italy and Austria-Hungary engaged in no less than 12 battles along the Isonzo River until the eventual collapse of the Italian Front (immortalized in Hemingway’s Farewell to Arms). To illustrate the impact, we’ll explore an intact section of tunnels and bunkers that changed hands several times in those two years. After lunch, it’s a far more blissful transition as we ride through the heart of these battlefields and across the tranquil border into Italy. Check in at our last hotel of the trip—a castle that stands above the vineyards of this picturesque valley. Tonight you may choose to dine on the hotel’s inviting terrace or ask your guides to recommend a more casual osteria or wine bar for dinner on your own.

    Meals: Breakfast / Lunch
    Destinations: Lipa, San Martino del Carso, Cormons
    Accomplished: 27 miles / 43 km, elevation gain: 2,122 feet / 647 meters
    Longer Option: 43 miles / 70 km, elevation gain: 2,959 feet / 902 meters
    Accommodations: Hotel Gredič

  • Day 5

    The Wine Frontier

    From our castle hotel, the views of Italy and Slovenia are seriously moving—be sure to take a moment to appreciate it all over your morning coffee. The shared scenery of the two countries sets the tone for our ride today as we cross back and forth over their borders. Begin along the vine-clad ridges that lead to Cividale on the Italian side. This town can trace its roots back to Julius Caesar, and the main piazza is a perfect place to stop for a mid-ride espresso and a little people-watching. Then it’s back into Slovenia in time for lunch at a winery: the glassfuls you’ll sip come from grapes grown on both sides of the border. We’ll return to the hotel for some downtime this afternoon, then head up to the village to dine with our friend Simona. At her farmhouse restaurant, she welcomes us with a glass of wine which we’ll enjoy while watching the sunset. A home-cooked feast follows, and we’ll share meats, tender vegetables, seasonal fruit, and wine—all grown and produced right here.

    Meals: Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner
    Destinations: Prepotto, Cividale, Medana
    Accomplished: 29 miles / 46 km, elevation gain: 1,394 feet / 425 meters
    Longer Option: 38 miles / 61 km, elevation gain: 2,355 feet / 718 meters
    Accommodations: Hotel Gredič

  • Day 6

    Srečno, Slovenia!

    Sleep in and enjoy a leisurely breakfast or take a final spin through the vineyards: there’s no wrong way to enjoy your final morning in Slovenia. Your guides will transfer you to the Trieste airport where you can catch a train to Venice or wherever your travels may take you next.

    Meals: Breakfast
    Destinations: Monfalcone

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Arrival Details

Airport City: Ljubljana, Slovenia Pick-Up Location: Grand Hotel Union Pick-Up Time: 9:00 am
Departure Details

Airport City: Trieste, Italy Drop-Off Location: Trieste airport and train station Drop-Off Time: 9:30 am

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Rooms at the Kendov Dorec, the Day 1 hotel on this tour, include bathtubs rather than showers.

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  • Thoughtfully selected accommodations that reveal the true character of the region
  • Luggage transfers


  • Daily breakfasts, all lunches, nutritious snacks, and après velo cocktails
  • 4 gourmet dinners at our favorite local restaurants and renowned culinary establishments
  • Carefully selected local wine, beer, or spirits with every meal


  • Wine tastings and activities as outlined in the tour itinerary
  • Entrance fees to historic sites, museums, parks, and all other exclusive events
  • Gratuities for baggage, porters, and hotel service


  • Top-of-the-line bicycle selection
  • Bike helmet
  • Complimentary DuVine gear including a custom cycling jersey, DuVine t-shirt, water bottle, and drawstring bag
  • GPS in most destinations


  • Expert bilingual guides with extensive local knowledge
  • Support vehicle that follows the day’s route, distributes refreshments, and offers lifts
  • Pick-up and drop-off before and after your tour from predetermined meeting points
  • Daily bike maintenance to ensure optimal performance

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