Peru Bike Tours

In Peru, tradition is the ever-present reminder of ancient civilizations. Against the backdrop of the jagged Peruvian Andes, Machu Picchu remains shrouded in mystery, while in Lima, a bustling center of urban life, llamas still stroll city streets.

Uncover the Sacred Valley from the seat of a bike, where villages have sustained themselves on the land for thousands of years and ancient technologies remain critical in the daily life of today’s Incan ancestors. From the handwoven clothing of the indigenous peoples to the heirloom varieties of food, Peru is a living museum that entices with the flavor of adventure.


Ceviche, heirloom corn and quinoa, fresh salads, cuy (guinea pig), Aji de Gallina stew, and Cantonese-Peruvian dishes like chifa and lomo saltado


Coca tea to prevent altitude sickness, chicha (corn beer), and Pisco Sours

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