Tour Guide

Aude Lutter

Languages Spoken: English, French, German

Hometown: Saint-Nabor, France

Guide Since: 2024


At home in Alsace. I love to ride my bike in the beautiful Vosges mountains and especially to the highest point, Grand Ballon!


Vegetables from my garden, like fresh tomato with bufala mozarrella and basil


Wine of course!


Outside in nature

Aude is a fun, sensitive, passionate person with a good sense of humor! She started her career in social studies and quickly discovered that she wanted to work outdoors sharing her passion for nature and culture with others. Eight years ago, she changed her life and started to work as a tour guide in the French region of Alsace. As a very sporty and active person since childhood, Aude has always loved hiking and cycling. Bringing her passions into her work has defined her meaning of happiness. Aude loves being a tour guide for the opportunity to create unforgettable moments for her guests.