Tour Guide

Guido Vadacchino

Languages Spoken: English, Portuguese, Spanish

Hometown: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Guide Since: 2019


The winding roads through olive groves and vineyards across the region of Garzón




The red oceanic wines of eastern Uruguay


A hammock on the beach with the cool breeze of the Atlantic Ocean

Although he grew up in the urban sprawl of Buenos Aires, Guido was never really a “city boy.” His real love was for the great outdoors, which led him to begin a career as a snowboard instructor in his early twenties, splitting time between the ski resorts of Patagonia and Aspen for over a decade of year-round work. Eventually, he left the mountains behind for an adventure in Uruguay where he swapped snowboarding for surfing and set up a coffee shop. Guido continues to maintain his outdoorsy lifestyle and practices yoga and meditation whenever he has the chance. In his spare time, he loves to go biking or simply stay at home and cook, always trying out recipes from around the world. His insatiable energy and curiosity make him a fantastic tour guide, not to mention his fluency in English and Portuguese!

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