Tour Guide

Martin Gil

Languages Spoken: English, Portuguese, Spanish

Hometown: Montevideo, Uruguay

Guide Since: 2023


The trail to the Santa Rosa Fortress, then downhill to the forest and beach!


Milanesa with a colorful salad from the garden


Mate, without a doubt


Camping within native forests on the banks of streams or pristine water

Martin loves the natural world, especially when spending time on Uruguay’s dramatic coastline. Originally from Montevideo, Martin connected with nature from an early age when camping with his parents during the holiday season, which offered great opportunities for adventure. After finishing his studies and working in the jewelry family business, he escaped the city to seek a new life, soon discovering the simple pleasures of ‘life on the beach’ in the east of Maldonado. One of his many achievements has been building his own house, for which he is most proud! This back-to-nature approach and care for the environment can be seen through his interests in growing avocado trees from seeds, his particular love for horses, and sports in general—including biking!

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