Tour Guide

Quentin Come

Languages Spoken: French, English

Hometown: Le Mans, France

Guide Since: 2022


La route de l'Esterel, between Cannes and Saint-Raphaël


As a cheese lover, a classic fondue savoyarde


The Bénédictine, a French liquor created in 1863


A wooden chalet in the French Alps, surrounded by snow in winter

Quentin got on a bike at two and a half years old and hasn’t stopped cycling since: he raced for seventeen years, graduated as a cycling trainer, worked as a sports director for a French cycling team, and developed courses for young cyclists.

Then, during a six-month trip to Asia, Quentin discovered a slower way of cycling. Why ride fast and race when you can take your time to discover new places, enjoy unknown landscapes, learn things, and expand your horizons? That’s why Quentin loves DuVine—and he looks forward to riding together!