Tour Guide

Rita Jacobetty

Languages Spoken: English, Portuguese, Spanish

Hometown: Lisbon, Portugal

Guide Since: 2023


Sintra, through the lost roads that wind between the woods of Peninha


Peixinhos da Horta–a dish of battered and fried green beans that inspired Japanese tempura


Orange wine served very cold and with a view


At the beach, under the sun, on a warm summer day

Third-generation Lisboner, Rita was born into a family of restless minds that raised her to love learning, problem-solve, and to be fascinated by life. That lead her to study design, then marketing, then social psychology, and then animal behavior. She worked in branding, business consulting, the third sector, motorsports, and in tourism. As a city girl, she has always been fascinated by the different people and territories of her country. Rita loves to explore different ways of life and appreciates many points of view. Guiding has been a way to share this passion with other curious minds.

Bicycles came into her life in 2019 when her goal to embrace a healthy and sustainable lifestyle led her to take up cycling as a means of transportation. She is now a proud storyteller on wheels who enjoys dazzling guests with precious little details about her country while making them feel welcomed as only Portugal does.