Tour Guide

Slavek Sramek

Languages Spoken: English, Czech

Hometown: Prague, Czech Republic

Guide Since: 2022


The Moravia wine-growing region


Sweets to satisfy my sweet tooth


Teas and fruit juices


Doesn't matter where, as long as I'm in the company of good people

Slavek was born and raised in Kladno, a former steel and coal mining town in the Czech Republic. His studies and love for learning language have taken him to the pulsing city of Olomouc all the way to London. Slavek is a spontaneous traveler, often choosing his destination based on where he can find the best deal on airline tickets. Working most of his life with peoplebe it guiding high ropes adventures with groups, teaching first aid, or providing soft-skills educationthese opportunities have enriched him in countless ways. Slavek loves sharing his knowledge about cycling, guiding, and traveling, peppered in with a dry sense of humor. He looks forward to showing you the beauties of Bohemia and Moravia on our Czech Republic bike tours.