Azores Bike Tours

Portugal’s nine Atlantic islands were forged by volcanic activity that seems to underscore everything—from soothing hot springs to a local stew called cozido that’s cooked in steaming vents. Two mineral-rich lakes peer up from the crater of Sete Cidades like a pair of heterochromatic eyes. And of course, the mighty volcano has given São Miguel the very terrain that makes cycling the island so thrilling.

In the Azores, ever-changing weather is what sets the stage for adventure. The mist makes for green expanses reminiscent of Hawaii or Ireland. Warm air quenches giant roadside hydrangea that grow wild with abandon. Rain gives way to rainbows that you’re sure you can reach—if you can only pedal fast enough.


Organic grass-fed beef, grilled limpets (sea snails) and octopus, cow’s milk cheeses, tropical fruit like pineapples and passionfruit, and steam-cooked Furnas stew called cozido


Aragonés and Antão Vaz wines, organic teas, sublime coffee, and local craft beer

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