Why Visit Virginia?

Cycling in Virginia means fresh country air and beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains views. But add historic landmarks, charming inns, cool restaurants, and celebrated wine country, and you've got a vacation that's way under the radar (and surprisingly close to home).


Year in Review: Top Bike Rides of 2020

2020 was a year of learning, adapting, and biking my own backyard. From Aspen to Vermont, here are my favorite rides of the year (and the lessons I learned along the way).

Year in Review: Top Bike Rides of 2019

From the remote islands of Greece to timeless Verona, these were the places I traveled in 2019 that best embodied DuVine’s mantra: bike, eat, drink, sleep!

DIY Bike Maintenance

A master bike mechanic breaks down the basic bike maintenance every cyclist should know. Keep your wheels spinning smoothly with these tips for at-home repairs, adjustments, and bike cleaning (and know when it's best to turn to a professional).

Biking for Your Brain: The Neurology of Cycling

In honor of Bike Month, we're examining the biological and evolutionary effects of cycling on the human brain. How does biking impact our mental and emotional health on a scientific level? Discover cycling's neurological benefits and tips on how to bike…

Year in Review: Top Bike Rides of 2017

2017 was an awesome year of cycling for me. I'm taking a look back at my top seven superlative rides of 2017, from the rolling hills of Sonoma to the rocky coastline of Corsica.