Why Visit Virginia?

Cycling in Virginia means fresh country air and beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains views. But add historic landmarks, charming inns, cool restaurants, and celebrated wine country, and you've got a vacation that's way under the radar (and surprisingly close to home).


10 Small Producers to Support Right Now

When we don't travel, we don't get to visit the small producers who help make every DuVine tour unique. Our local partners are especially affected by COVID-19—see how you can support these one-of-a-kind companies.

Uruguayan Wine 101

Uruguay lends the wine world a juxtaposition between hemispheres. This guide to Uruguayan wine explains the terroir, the flavors in a glass of Tannat, and the family-run bodegas that tend the country's vines.

The DuVine Chef’s Table

The Netflix series captured our hearts and our appetites, so we’re paying homage to the culinary stars who wine and dine us on DuVine tours from Spain to Slovenia. Join us at the table and taste the flavors of true…

The Guru’s Guide to Pasta in Italy

From legends of greedy priests to traditions at Sicilian weddings, Italian pastas reflect the people, climate, and terrain where they're made. Become a pasta savant and discover these seven specialties that provide insight into regional tastes.

A Meat-Lover’s Guide to Bike Tours

Juicy, smoky, spicy, and sweet: get your fill of these flavors in our top eight destinations for meat-loving cyclists. Pedal your way to these carnivorous favorites from around the world and feast with us on your next bike tour.

Desserts Around the World

From the cherry blossom-inspired confections of Japan to what they serve at birthday parties in Brazil, a sweet tooth can take you around the world. Satisfy your culinary curiosity with stories of the history and culture behind these sweet treats.