The Verve’s upright geometry and flat handlebars make it perfect for cruising around Maine’s islands and enjoying the scenery. The thicker tires on this hybrid bike smooth out any bumps, so you can explore the occasional gravel road too.


This bike features upright geometry, flat handlebars, and a smooth ride from the front suspension—all the features of a mountain bike, but styled into a hybrid. Though still slightly knobby, the tires are sleeker than a mountain bike’s and transition comfortably from pavement to dirt roads. The triple chain ring provides a wide range of gears for all the mechanical advantage you need on climbs, while disc breaks will inspire confidence in your descents.

Crossway 15-MD

For a sturdier ride, opt for the Crossway 15-MD hybrid bike, a unique blend of road and mountain bike features and functionality. Navigate more difficult terrain with suspension forks and seat posts that neutralize most bumps and uneven surfaces. Comfort is key with adjustable riding positions, allowing you to enjoy each and every day in the saddle.

FX Sport 4

The FX Sport 4 is built for performance and comfort with a lightweight carbon fork to absorb road vibrations. The hydraulic disc brakes will keep you safe with their all-weather stopping power, even on a rainy day. The multitude of gears will help you up the climbs on hilly routes.

Quick 1 Disc

The Quick 1 Disc combines the lightweight and high-end components of a road bike with the thicker tires, flat handlebars, and upright position of a city bike. The result is a ride that can cover plenty of distance while maintaining comfort, thanks to the softer seat and ergonomic handlebars. Lightweight carbon forks help with climbing hills, while disc brakes boost your confidence on the descents.


Merida Speeder 500 is a performance-focused, flat-bar road bike, ideal for a rider who doesn’t like the feel of drop bars. The upright riding position provided by the flat handlebars provides great visibility and enhanced control of the bike. Hydraulic disc brakes from Shimano mean excellent stopping power. Additionally, the bike features a lightweight alloy frame with a full carbon fiber fork that hugely improves the comfort by dampening road vibrations in a very efficient way.

Square Cross 6

The Ghost is versatile enough for a full spectrum of cycling. On the road, it glides at road bike-like speed. Off road, it ensures comfort and stability with a 60 mm mountain bike suspension fork. A lightweight aluminum alloy frame makes for ultra-sleek aesthetics and Shimano 355 hydraulic disc brakes and rotors provide worry-free stopping power.

Sirrus Comp Disc

The Sirrus combines a lightweight aluminum frame with durable components to deliver a smooth, fast ride. The geometry is designed to ensure a more comfortable, efficient position, so you can conquer Mount Figueroa’s 10-mile climb with breathtaking views of the Santa Ynez Valley. Fitted with a saddle designe to reduce soft tissue pressure and hydraulic disc brakes to reduce hand fatigue and increase stopping power, the Sirrus will allow you to focus on enjoying the gorgeous views as you cruise through Happy Canyon.

Crono Pro

The Pells Crono hybrid bicycles are equipped with the latest Shimano hardware and EZ-fire shifters. The frame’s relaxed geometry allows you to ride in a more upright position, which enables you to keep your back straight and your shoulders high for more comfort. The Crono is equipped to handle the mixed road surfaces along the Iron Curtain and offers a smooth ride while cruising along the Danube.

Twinroad Sport

Our custom Müsing Twinroad hybrid bike will have you pedaling with ease and comfort as you ascend Marjan Hill. The geometry is designed for an upright position, allowing you to keep your back and shoulders straight. We’ve built this bike with a lightweight aluminum frame and a wide range of gears to tackle the hills and get you cruising along the coastal roads beside the Adriatic.