E-Wheels: The Secret Cyclist Superpower

Electric wheels are the newest, hottest trend in bike travel, giving the average rider the power of a supercyclist. An inconspicuous, battery-powered motor is installed on the rear wheel of a bike, but it only runs if you pedal. So while an e-wheel isn’t a free ride, you can use as much (or as little assistance) as you want.

To learn more, we asked DuVine Regional Manager, guide, and bike guru Alex Timon what makes this new technology so special. For heroic feats of cycling, look no further than the 5 Secret Cyclist Superpowers of e-wheels.

Be a Chameleon: Blend Right In

If you’re self-conscious about riding with assistance, “you can hardly tell the difference between a hybrid bike with an e-wheel and one without an e-wheel,” says Alex. The battery is disguised in the water bottle cage and the motor is discreetly built into the rear wheel. And if you’re worried about adding weight to your bike, know that e-wheels are light—about 3 kg (6 lbs)—and are customizable to fit different bikes. All this translates into greater flexibility for you and a more “authentic” riding experience.

Supercyclist testimony: “Last spring there was a group of very strong cyclists with one rider who wasn’t quite up to the level of his friends. He opted for an e-wheel, and suddenly he was one of them, blending into the pack even on the uphills. He rode the whole week with a smile on his face, and he did most of it without assistance. Because the system is lightweight, he rode 80% without the motor. He switched it on when he needed a boost, then switched it off.”

Magnetic Attraction: Bring Cyclists Together

E-wheels enable you to keep pace with (or beat!) your riding companions, even if you don’t cycle at the same level. “Very often you’ll find couples who like to bike together, but one of them is much more accomplished than the other,” Alex explains. “An e-wheel levels the playing field. It’s a fantastic tool to make sure everyone feels equal and it empowers riders who might otherwise exhaust themselves trying to keep up.”

Supercyclist testimony: “On a trip in Bordeaux, there was a wonderful woman on tour who was the darling of the group. She chose an e-wheel because she was a little bit older and didn’t have an exercise background. The e-wheel allowed her to participate—she kept up with the rest of the group despite her limitations. She didn’t feel bad about holding up other people. It was very liberating; it allowed her to be included.”

Bionic Legs: Be a Badass Grandpa

“For those who love the active adventure of cycling, e-wheels are an incredible way to keep the momentum going for another 10 to 15 years,” Alex raves. Ease up on your aches and pains, stay in shape, ditch the boat cruise, and opt for a e-wheel cycling vacation with your grandchildren instead.

Supercyclist testimony: “We had a three-generation family in the Costa Brava. The grandfather wasn’t in great shape; the father rarely rode a bike. Both of them wisely opted for e-bikes. When the family returned home from the trip, the grandfather e-mailed DuVine immediately to say that he and his son both planned to buy an e-wheel. ‘It’s amazing,’ he wrote, ‘and it will keep me cycling for another decade.’ He said it was the most memorable bonding experience of his life.”

Genie in a (Water) Bottle: Make Dreams a Reality

Flats are nice; mountains are epic. But many of us don’t have the lung capacity to cycle the Tour de France through the Pyrenees. E-wheels turn these cycling wishes into real possibilities. “It’s the difference between passively putting parts of the world on your bucket list and getting out to see them in an active, rewarding way,” Alex explains. “An e-wheel expands your horizons and immerses you in your destination with the comfort of having a safety net beneath you.”

Supercyclist testimony: “Last fall we had a couple who had long dreamed of cycling in Tuscany. They weren’t strong cyclists but they were very enthusiastic about the trip. When they learned about e-wheels, they were elated. They came on trip and had a blast zooming up and down the hills, exploring side streets, and stopping to take in breathtaking views while the rest of the group caught up. E-wheels revolutionized their attitude towards cycling.”

Dust Off the Superhero Cape: Gateway to an Active Lifestyle

It can be intimidating to hop back in the saddle after taking time off, and even more intimidating to start cycling as a newbie. E-wheels help ease this transition; they crack the door open to an active lifestyle. They making outdoor cycling more accessible and assuage anxieties about your fitness abilities. “Get back into cycling!” exclaims Alex, “Get back into exercise without the fear of being overwhelmed.”

If you still need convincing, try e-wheels for yourself. “Go to a local bike shop and see how it feels,” Alex advises. “E-wheels are an epiphany for a lot of people. Most people’s hesitations are simply because they don’t know how it works. Me personally—I’m a total convert. It’s the way of the future.”

Ready for a boost? Try out an e-wheel on any DuVine bike tour in France, Italy, Spain, or Portugal.

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