eSpresso City 200 EQ

The Merida eSpresso 200 EQ E-Hybrid is the perfect ride for touring in style and comfort. Shimano’s latest mid-drive pedal-assist system makes hills a breeze, while a light and durable aluminium frame allows for the best possible stiffness to weight ratio. This e-bike is equipped with hydraulic disc brakes for controlled braking in all conditions. The Altus derailleur virtually eliminates dropped chains and ensures a quiet ride. On Azorean cobblestones, the fork and wide tires will keep you comfortable. Available on a first-come, first-served basis. Substitutions may be made as needed. E-bikes are offered at a $300 supplement.

Crossway 15-MD

For a sturdier ride, opt for the Crossway 15-MD hybrid bike, a unique blend of road and mountain bike features and functionality. Navigate more difficult terrain with suspension forks and seat posts that neutralize most bumps and uneven surfaces. Comfort is key with adjustable riding positions, allowing you to enjoy each and every day in the saddle.

Reacto 4000

The Reacto 4000’s lightweight carbon frame and relaxed geometry will make even the toughest volcanic climbs a breeze. Enjoy the carbon fork’s precise handling on downhills and mountain switchbacks. Above all, the Reacto 4000 was designed for comfort, allowing you to ride day after day while on tour in the Azores!


Merida Speeder 500 is a performance-focused, flat-bar road bike, ideal for a rider who doesn’t like the feel of drop bars. The upright riding position provided by the flat handlebars provides great visibility and enhanced control of the bike. Hydraulic disc brakes from Shimano mean excellent stopping power. Additionally, the bike features a lightweight alloy frame with a full carbon fiber fork that hugely improves the comfort by dampening road vibrations in a very efficient way.

Cyclo Cross 500

Merida’s Cyclo Cross 500 is a capable bike on all terrain. It’s light and responsive on winding island paths, and versatile enough for paved roads and rocky trails. It’s fun to ride and will keep you comfortable on both flats and climbs.