Sirrus Comp Disc

The Sirrus combines a lightweight aluminum frame with durable components to deliver a smooth, fast ride. The geometry is designed to ensure a more comfortable, efficient position, so you can conquer Mount Figueroa’s 10-mile climb with breathtaking views of the Santa Ynez Valley. Fitted with a saddle designe to reduce soft tissue pressure and hydraulic disc brakes to reduce hand fatigue and increase stopping power, the Sirrus will allow you to focus on enjoying the gorgeous views as you cruise through Happy Canyon.

Rockhopper 29 16′

Maybe you’re pedaling along smooth coastal roads, or perhaps you’re in the hinterlands where the gauchos roam. Either way, the Rockhopper 29 is the only bike you need to explore the furthest corners of this sun-kissed country. The frame’s design guarantees you’ll feel planted, confident, and efficient out on the road.

Diverge A1 Sport

The Diverge Sport A1 is a highly capable exploration machine. It features a responsive and reliable aluminum frame, and boasts a geometry that increases your handling confidence. Whether pedaling along the Danube or the Iron Curtain, this steed will have you riding in comfort on any road—paved or otherwise.

Camber Evo 15′

Specialized designed the Camber to be the ultimate speed-loving trail bike, capable of efficient climbing and stable descending. The full-suspension Camber features Specialized’s Position Sensitive Brain technology for maximum comfort without any loss of power. At the high altitudes of Peru, this type of performance is especially important. Hydraulic disc brakes allow for maximum control when descending from Huaypo.