Challenge Bike Tours

It’s All About The Climb

We like cycling, talking about cycling, and watching cycling, and we’ve created these trips for our fellow addicts. It’s like a support group, except we’re celebrating our problem by tackling the world’s top climbs, watching the top professional races, and riding top-of-the-line bikes. Whether you are taking a Journey across the Pyrenees or following the TDF, these trips are true cycling therapy. We know what you want: a great bike, a great ride, and the right nutrition with no worries about logistics. On a DuVine Challenge Bike Tour, all you need to do is pack your shoes and pedals. No need to carry gear, pack or clean your bike, book hotels, organize bag transfers, or even look at a map. We’ve got it all handled so you can focus on the fun part: riding these incredible roads. This is addictive riding at its best. Bike. Eat. Drink. Sleep. Then head out to do it all again.

Best. Ride. Ever.