Costa Brava Bike Tours

The Costa Brava—birthplace of Salvador Dalí and gastronomic heartland of Catalonia—refers to the region between the cyclist-lovers’ city of Girona and the Mediterranean coast. It spans nearly 60 miles south of the French border towards Barcelona, Spain’s second largest city. Home to rugged coves and salt-speckled villages, the wild coastline contrasts with a rural hinterland of rolling farmlands and traffic-free roads.

The Costa Brava has always been a melting pot: it was settled by Iberian tribes who arrived from Africa with new farming methods and colonized by Greek traders who introduced olives and wine. The Moors brought oranges, dates, almonds, and rice—still essential in Spanish cuisine. From across the border, the French contributed culinary savor-faire and the ritual of fine dining. Every meal in Costa Brava is a delight thousands of years in the making!


A mix of mar i muntanya (sea and mountain): Jamón Ibérico, paella, olive oil, tapas, organic meats, and fresh seafood like Mediterranean lobster and prawns


Sparkling Cava and robust table wines of the Empordà

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