Tour Guide

Alpako Atay

Languages Spoken: English, French, Spanish, Turkish

Hometown: Antalya, Türkiye

Guide Since: 2023


Symi Island


Fresh fish surrounded by mezes


Mom's red wine


Near a stream

After completing his university studies in Montpellier, France, Alpako decided to return to his hometown of Antalya where he had spent most of his life. During the pandemic, Alpako realized he had talent in leathercraft and made a living out of it for two years. Next, his passion for traveling emerged: in 2022, he backpacked across South America’s west coast, following the Andes mountain range from Patagonia to Colombia. When it was time to return home, he decided to pursue his love of travel in a professional sense and has been guiding various tours in Turkey. When not on a DuVine trip, you can find Alpako on other cycling or hiking tours, atop a snow-covered mountain, or somewhere in the turquoise Mediterranean.