Regional Manager + Tour Guide

Mario Schugel

Languages Spoken: English

Hometown: Los Angeles, California, USA

Guide Since: 2021


Mt. Baldy or climbing in Malibu overlooking the Pacific


Pintxos bar hopping in San Sebastian, Spain


An ice cold beer following a long, hot ride!


On the deck of a sailboat in the Caribbean

Born and raised in Minnesota, Mario has resided in Los Angeles, CA for most of his life. He has been an actor for over 25 years, appearing in movies, commercials, television, and stage. Whatever paid the bills, as they say!

Mario was looking for ways to be outside to keep fit after one of his many “walkabouts,” in which he spent the vast majority of a year eating, sleeping, and cooking outdoors. A former gym rat, he dusted off his old mountain bike from his graduate school days and started commuting. It led to an obsession with triathlon: he competed for the next decade and earned an Ironman All World Athlete Bronze metal.

Leading trips with DuVine marries Mario’s passions for cycling, food, wine, travel, and most importantly, sharing those experiences with DuVine’s amazing guests.