Tour Guide

Mikel Olaizola

Languages Spoken: English, Spanish

Hometown: San Sebastián, Spain

Guide Since: 2024


In Sierra de la Alpujarra, Granada followed by a dive and dinner on the Mediterranean coast


Squid in its ink, Basque-style


An oloroso sherry from the Xerry area, or any good wines for good conversation


A terrace siesta in the spring or summer after work

Mikel was born in Donostia in the Basque Country where he studied gastronomy and culinary arts at university. His work as a chef and researcher on the gastronomic heritage of different countries has led him to live in Japan, Greece, Colombia, Denmark, and Italy.

Mikel has spent many years cooking in traditional and Michelin-starred restaurants. He has also been a professor and coordinator of the master’s degree program at the Basque Culinary Center University for several years and has a long career in research in the gastronomic sector. He has worked in R&D at the Arzak restaurant in San Sebastián, as well as in the Alchemist laboratory in Copenhagen. Over the years, Mikel has published articles in institutions such as Harvard, MIT Media Lab, and Berkeley. He has also patented an invention.

Mikel has always been linked to cycling. Since he was 15 years old, he has competed in MTB and BMX. Whenever he travels he does so with his road bike, undertaking incredible routes and getting to know local producers and cultures, just as he does now with DuVine.