Singles + Solos Bike Tours

We spoke with four travelers about their experience riding solo with DuVine: Lecia Barker, who joined us in Tuscany and Chile in 2017; Maria Rodriguez, who traveled to Tuscany in 2016; Dede Sokolski who rode Verona + Lake Garda in 2017; and—with four solo trips under her belt—Ann Brinkerhoff, who has visited Tuscany, Piedmont, and Santa Barbara with DuVine.

Intimate groups. Intuitive guides. Local connections.

Want to travel alone but don’t want to be alone? Join the DuVine family! Hands-on activities like cooking classes help break the ice, and small group sizes nurture a bond between DuVine travelers, whether they’re part of a couple or traveling by themselves. It’s common to hit it off with like-minded travelers, leading to lasting relationships that can blossom into lifelong friendships. “On both of my trips, I felt like there were interesting people. I made new friends, people I’d want to spend time with again,” says Lecia.

Our fun-loving local guides invite you into their community and introduce you to friends along the way—the fruit seller on the side of the road, the chef at their favorite neighborhood restaurant, or even their own Italian grandmother. One of our favorite elements of group travel is sharing the love and welcoming DuViners into the fold of our communities. “Traveling on my own, I would never have met all of these wonderful people,” says Ann. “The guides’ close relationships with the locals are absolutely invaluable.”

Indulge your inner explorer (without the backpack).

One of the advantages of solo travel is the freedom to follow the beat of your own drum. As a single traveler with DuVine, you get the best of both worlds: opportunity for adventure and flexibility to explore—plus the expertise and support of local guides when you want it. One of Lecia’s favorite memories from her Chile tour was an impromptu hike she took with a fellow traveler. “It was raining heavily, and Marie and I were the only two people brave enough to take a hike through the rainforest,” Lecia explains. “Our expert guide had grown up in the Araucania region with many Mapuche friends, and despite the pouring rain, he took us out and taught us all about the statues, waterfalls, and flora en route.”

Want to learn how to make fresh mozzarella? We’ll call up a local cheesemaker. Love Brunello wine? We’ll arrange a wine tasting. “The guides make it an adventure of a lifetime,” says Ann. “With DuVine it’s not just cycling,” agrees Maria. “The trips really allow you to absorb the culture, enjoy the scenery, and explore without sacrificing five-star accommodations and top-notch service.”

Take the stress out of solo travel.

Traveling alone can be intimidating and stressful, with its moment of uncertainty. By handling the nitty-gritty details for you, we allow you to focus completely on the pleasures of exploring the unknown. “My experience with DuVine was amazing. The tour guides made me feel so at ease and looked after,” said Maria, who was nervous about traveling to Europe from Australia for the first time and joined DuVine for her first-ever cycling tour.

Rather than struggle with a language barrier, your needs are understood and communicated by your guides. “For me personally, I have many serious food allergies and my guides took great care to make sure I was taken care of at every meal,” explains Dede. “I didn’t have to worry about that at all.” One of the challenging parts of solo travel for Ann is knowing how to prepare. “DuVine’s well-designed itineraries and excellent communication before the trip make packing and planning for these vacations very easy,” says Ann. Our meticulous attention to detail, carefully hand-crafted itineraries, and superior customer service help make your solo travel experience smooth.

Grow as a cyclist and as an individual.

Traveling isn’t just for exploring the world around us; it’s also for learning about ourselves. Single and solo travel provides an amazing opportunity to try new things, increase self-awareness, and strengthen self-confidence. At DuVine, we cultivate a supportive environment to grow as an individual and as a cyclist. “You meet so many interesting people on these trips, getting out of your comfort zone and opening yourself up to new and exciting adventures,” says Dede. “I’ve been on other cycling trips with different companies, but DuVine is the first one to inspire me and give me the confidence to be a better cyclist. I never felt that way before. I just upgraded my hybrid bike for a road bike and hope to train for a more difficult trip soon!” Whether you’re traveling by bike for the first time or a seasoned cyclist, traveling solo with DuVine gives you the chance to expand your horizons.

Single + Solo Travel 101

Words of wisdom for autonomous adventurers:

Ann: Traveling solo doesn’t have to be hard work. Enjoy your vacation! Put yourself in good hands and skip the hours of stressful travel planning.

Lecia: I have some trepidation about traveling alone in some parts of the world, particularly as a woman, but I have felt very safe on DuVine trips. Without a tour, I’d be unlikely to venture out alone. Know your limits and find a style of solo travel that works for you.

Dede: Traveling by yourself is not for everyone, but I have really enjoyed it.  If you’re curious about it, don’t be afraid to dive in. You’ll be amazed at how much you learn.

Maria: Travel light! I ended up buying a new suitcase and giving away things to hotel attendants and new friends so that I could go shopping. Go with the flow, keep smiling and everyone will be nice to you!