Veneto Bike Tours

The Veneto and its capital city of Venice lay claim to Italy’s northeast corner—but a Veneto tour is so much more than Grand Canals and gondoliers. Pedal the vine-covered hills of the Valpolicella, launch off the summery banks of Lake Garda, and stroll the frozen-in-time Renaissance streets of Mantua. And there’s another V-city flying under the radar: Verona is where the stars of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet were crossed, a Roman amphitheater still comes alive with opera, and the Adige River rises to cypress-covered hills that beg to be cycled.


Polenta, tortelli pasta, risotto, and seafood


World-renowned local wines like Amarone, Ripasso, Bardolino, Valpolicella, and Prosecco

What Locals Love

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