The Benefits of DuVine’s Villa Bike Tours

Planning group travel for family and friends can be complicated. Our DuVine Villas are the answer: full-service flexibility with a dedicated team to help—down to every last detail of your dream vacation.


Meet our Guides: Arien Coppock

Riding a rusty BMX bike across the dry fields of South Africa, Arien couldn't possibly predict how her love of cycling would lead her all over the world. A former professional cyclist turned DuVine guide, she shares how taking risks lead…

Meet Our Guides: Olivier Girault

Born and raised in Champagne, DuVine guide Olivier makes time for his art and takes life slowly at his family's bed and breakfast in France. He shares his love of Provence and views on art, nature, and environmentalism.

Meet Our Guides: Alex Timon

From picking grapes in Burgundy to eating paella in Andalucía, trip designer and veteran guide Alex Timon shares the stories that led him to DuVine and gives us the inside scoop on life as a guide.

Get to Know Lentine Alexis

Lentine Alexis is a pastry chef, writer, and athlete who discovered cycling by accident while living in Okinawa, Japan. But what she ended up loving about the sport was returning home hungry and creating a suite of flavors inspired by…

Meet Our Guides: Alice Walton

Alice fell in love with Italy at age 15 when she spent a year living with an Italian family in a small hill town in Northern Lazio. Alice returned to Italy to guide bike tours with DuVine until 2016 when…