Hindsight is 20/20: Andy Looks Back on 20 Years of DuVine

Where do you see DuVine going in the next 20 years?

As we look forward, I want us to keep going back in time. Always remembering where we came from. Those simple moments in life, like enjoying food grown right where you eat it on the farm or spending time talking with a grandmother whose memories are a treasure trove. These are things that seem to be going away, and I want to be sure our guests get to experience them.

I also want to keep creating because I love exploring the world. Even though I want to be in every country, I remind myself that bigger is not better: better is better. It’s important that we always stay true to who we are and fill tours with amazing clients who love to bike, eat, drink, sleep. What is most important to me is to have good company culture and to give back to our community. I love that DuVine is a family of guests, guides, vendors, locals, and I never want to lose that. Make every day fun, safe, and healthy with love and inspiration, and help everyone travel the world by bicycle.