Brittany Bike Tours

Brittany’s story is one of land and sea, a rocky northwestern peninsula reaching into the English Channel and the Bay of Biscay. Its scenic coastline offers more than meets the eye, famous for the Breton oyster beds cultivated just below the surface and the regal manors on spectacular seaside real estate, once the summer homes of Parisian nobility. Cycling in Brittany reaches Neolithic-age megaliths hewn by the pre-Celtic Bretons, artist havens, and the landscapes captured by Paul Gauguin’s paintings—always accompanied by a welcome ocean breeze.


Sweet and savory crêpes, salted caramel, Breton butter, outstanding oysters, and fresh seafood including langoustines, crabs, and clams


Local hard ciders, craft beers, whiskey, and chouchen (wild honey mead)

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