Discover the diversity of Europe on your next bike tour. Whether it's on the rocky coasts of Ireland, deep in the vineyards of Spain, or high in the Swiss Alps, Europe is filled with natural and cultural delights that could fill a lifetime. And, there is no better way to begin experiencing them than from the seat of a bike, pedaling past rows of cork trees in Portugal or along the Dalmatian Coast in Croatia.

Destinations In Rest of Europe



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Along the azure Adriatic Sea lies Croatia. An unbelievable destination for a European bike tour. While its mainland stretches inward between Slovenia, it’s seaward side features pristine island beaches, historic Roman ruins, and spectacular port cities like Split, Dubrovnik, and Pula. Incredible diversity marks the Dalmatian Coast of Croatia, starting in the Tuscan-like northern peninsula of Istria and stretching southward through its many beautiful islands. As befits a coastal land, Croatia’s cuisine is characterized by delectably fresh seafood like oysters, octopus, and an enormous variety of fish. Its unique local wines include Grk, Dingac, and Postup along the Dalmatian Coast and Muscat and Malavasia in Istria.

Czech Republic + Austria

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Nestled in central Europe alongside Germany, Austria, Slovakia, and Poland, the Czech Republic features famous regions like Bohemia and Moravia. Its thick Bohemian forests and Renaissance and Baroque castles like the Lednice Valtice palace make it a truly enchanting place. Neighboring Austria is an equally beautiful mountainous nation, with the majority of the country perched high in the Alps. One of its most beautiful and popular sites is the Wachau Valley, forged by the flowing Danube River. The lush valley is home to ancient castles and ruins, as well as quaint villages and esteemed vineyards. From the Czech Republic to Austria, both beer and wine are in abundance, from the Pilsners of the Czech Republic to Austria’s celebrated Grüner Veltliner wines.


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The third largest island in Europe, Ireland lies to the west of Great Britain between the Atlantic Ocean and Irish Sea. It is popularly known as the Emerald Isle, and for good reason. It is covered by lush greenery throughout, with rocky coastlines and rolling green hills dotted by ancient castles and flocks of roaming sheep. And if Ireland must be remembered for one thing only, it may be its incredibly warm hospitality, which is to be found at every turn. There could not be a more welcoming place to journey by bike.


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A land of windmills and Tulips, the Netherlands is a quaint and quiet coastal nation along the North Sea. Holland is a nation with a rich cycling history and you're likely to spot countless Dutch going about their daily business on two wheels. Dotting the flat land are picturesque windmills, an intricate canal system, and endless rows of colorful tulips – this is, after all, the tulip capital of the world. Dine on Gouda and Edam cheese, Dutch pancakes, apple cake, Stroopwafels, smoked sausages, and sauerkraut, all of which go perfectly with on of the local world-renowned beers.
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The westernmost part of the Iberian Peninsula, and mainland Europe for that matter, Portugal is truly a nation of the sea. It once constituted one of the farthest-reaching empires in the world, thanks to its immense prowess on the seas. From end to end Portugal is a spectacularly diverse place, with impressive mountains standing to the north that transition to rolling, green plains in the south. Along its stunning Atlantic coast, and particularly in the Azores Islands, Portugal is known for a bounty of excellent seafood. Its wines are celebrated all around the world, and we'll enjoy outstanding ports, madeiras, and moscatel from places like the Alentejo and Dão.


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Known for its verdant landscape and vibrant culture, Scotland is an ideal bike tour destination. Occupying the northern third of the Great Britain, this island nation is made up of more than 790 individual islands. From the North Sea to the Atlantic and up to the Highlands, discover ancient castles, quaint fishing villages, and wild landscapes. Enjoy the hospitality of lively locals and get your fill of kilts and bagpipes. Indulge in local cuisine like Haggis and scotch eggs, and wash it down with a pint of craft beer or a fine scotch whiskey.


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A mountainous and lushly forested nation in central Europe, Slovenia is known for its glistening alpine lakes, majestic mountain peaks, thick green forests, spectacular hillside vineyards, and stunning Mediterranean and Adriatic coasts. A dense network of rivers crisscrosses the country and makes it one of the most water-rich in Europe. Stunning rivers like the Soča are popular for water sports like kayaking and rafting. Slovenian cuisine is nothing if not delicious, a delectable combination of Austrian, Hungarian, Mediterranean, and Balkan cuisines. Enjoy local sausages, prosciutto, mountain cheeses, pumpkin seed oil, and Prekmurska gibanica (layer cake). With such a culinary heritage, Slovenia needs the wine to match, and it certainly has it. Drink outstanding Rebulas and Refoscos from Brda and excellent variations on international varietals like Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot.
In southwestern Europe on the Iberian Peninsula, Spain represents one of the most storied empires in recent history. Officially unified in the 15th century, it expanded its reach around the globe before the fall of its empire. Today, Spain is rich with the influences of myriad cultures. Explore Andalucía and discover the remnants of the former Moorish rule. Journey to the Mediterranean island of Mallorca to experience island life with a Spanish twist. Or travel along the Camino de Santiago, one of the most famed Christian pilgrimages in the world. From the mountains in Asturias to the green hills of La Rioja, Spain is a wonderful place for cycling. It is also one of the foremost culinary nations in the world, at the fore of today’s haute cuisine. Visit Michelin-starred restaurants in Girona along the Costa Brava and enjoy authentic paella in Valencia. Spain is also one of the most highly touted wine-producing nations in the world, with outstanding offerings from La Rioja, Priorat, and more.


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Nestled in the heart of Western Europe, between Italy, France, Germany, and Austria, Switzerland is a pristine land known for the majestically soaring Alps that dominate its terrain. Cystal clear lakes, hillside forests, green pastures, and old cog railways dot the countryside, make Switzerland a truly charming place for a European bike tour. In addition to its incredible natural beauty, Switzerland is known for its remarkably high quality of life, most notably in its major cities like Zurich and Geneva. The cuisine is hearty and indulgent, including outstanding cheese like Emmental, Gruyère, and Appenzeller. And of course no visit to Switzerland would be complete without trying racclette, fondue, and a variety of Swiss chocolates. Enjoyed with a glass of excellent Swiss wine from the cantons of Geneva, Neuchâtel, Ticino, Valais, and Vaud, any one of them makes for a fine Swiss meal.